Tuesday, September 1, 2015

swi:t b

swi:t b
yongsan-gu itaewon-dong 673, seoul
tel: +82-2) 792-0749

what was consumed: ice cream!

sometimes, fog machines just work. friend simon and i were walking past swi:t b after dinner and were drawn in by the magic that is the fog machine. lucky for us, they serve ice cream which was exactly what we were looking for.

swi:t b serve soft serve (and for whatever reason, soft serve is exceptionally delicious in korea) with your choice of syrup topping. they have a variety of flavors and can even make one that is not on their menu. they have a variety of other ice cream desserts that they make with the softserve as the center/base. 

note: swi:t b is a "brick and mortar" version of an ice cream stand. they put 2-ish sets of chairs right outside, but they're usually occupied (though not necessarily by swi:t b customers. oh well). the idea, though, is for one to purchase, then consume while walking. i like it!


look at me! i'm so mesmerized by the fog ... hahaha

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