Monday, September 7, 2015

the baker's table

the baker's table
244-1 Noksapyeong daero Itawon dong Yongsan gu
tel: 070) 7717-3501

what was consumed: brunch!

t is in town! and considering is 6am arrival (he actually didn't make it to seoul proper until a little later, but it was still pretty darn early), we didn't have difficulty nabbing a table for an early meal (note: it became difficult to nab a table soon after we sat down). 

the baker's table (and mira's bakery) has become the go to place for many expats when it comes to delicious and varied breads. they also offer a variety of different cakes that are great on a rainy day, with coffee, or at any other time of life. yum. it makes me glad that i don't have a glutton allergy and that i can enjoy (within reason? in moderation? oh, who am i kidding ...)

t and i went for brunch and we were not disappointed. mind you, we probably ordered for 4 people and did not hesitate in devouring the entire thing. but it was delish and would definitely be worth a wait. nom nom nom nom nom ... 

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