Saturday, September 5, 2015

camping company

camping company
서울 용산구 신흥로 37 1층
tel02) 792-0434

what was consumed: grilled meat, camping style!

there's something about theme restaurants that i sort of love. and here in korea, they do it right. 

in HBC, there's a korean bbq place that maintains a camping motif. i'm partial to camping (i have some great childhood memories of family camping trips and the camping company sort of mimicked my experiences). you sit on coleman chairs that are close to the ground, cook atop open flames (though that's pretty common at korean bbq places), drink out of klean kanteens, and everything is served on stainless steel. you order your meats (we ordered pork belly and home made sausages!) and help yourselves to the banchan "bar" that includes some of my camping favorites. good food, fun atmosphere, good for pairs or small groups. definitely a place to check out and one that i'd return to. have fun!

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