Thursday, September 3, 2015

robot kimbap (로봇김밥)

robot kimbap (로봇김밥)
multiple locations (my first was on gyung-ri-dahn-gil near noksapyong at 서울 용산구 녹사평대로46길 3)
tel: 02-794-9595

what was consumed: kimbap, dduk bokki, pork stir fry over rice 

i've been seeing robot kimbaps pop up in lots of different places. and i, for one, am happy about it as i can never have too much kimbap!

what makes robot kimbap different, though, is their healthy eating mantra - brown rice and natural ingredients, clean eating. i'm not the best judge, but i know when i enjoy what i'm eating.

when looking for a light meal or a snack or or or, i will look for a robot kimbap nearby. the kimbap is fresh and the various combinations of flavors is super yummy. they have a pretty extensive menu, though (as many boon-sik places do), and if it's anything like their kimbap, then i'm gonna say that it's worth the try. yay kimbap! yay robot kimbap!


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