Thursday, October 1, 2015

west end bistro

west end bistro
1190 22nd street northwest, washington, dc 20037
tel: 202) 974-4900

what was consumed: my order included hand cut beef tartare, moulard duck breast ...  and dessert!

bjl has the great opportunity to work with great people while in wdc. and when meeting with one of his contacts (let's call him the charming arab), i got to tag along. the charming arab was staying at the hotel that houses the west end bistro (it's a fancy hotel, but i can't remember what it's called right now!) as he and his family is waiting for their residence to be completed (fancy pants!), so meeting at the west end bistro was an easy choice. and lucky for me, i'd wanted to go for some time.
we sat at the fancy bar, waiting for the rest of our party to arrive. the bar was well stocked, the bartender had a heavy hand when pouring drinks, and they offered a series of homemade sodas (so i was happy ^^). once the rest of our party arrived, we were quickly seated.

the charming arab is a regular, so he ordered a special version of the roasted chicken. the charming arab is super health conscious, but the "healthy" version of the roasted chicken still looked so delicious! i got to indulge with some steak tartar, topped with a mashed guacamole-like sauce. it's a combination i wouldn't have thought of, but the creamy avocado brought out the smooth-ness of the tartare. then, i enjoyed the superbly prepared duck. it was presented in a small pool of seasoned broth that i couldn't get enough of. a bit of sweetness that followed the savory goodness that was based in delicious duck fat. and at the contact's insistence, we ordered one of each of the desserts - donuts with caramel, chocolate lava cake, and a fruity cheesecake. how decadent!  i definitely felt super fancy and very pampered. and if i was half as charming as the charming arab, then my job is done and my delicious dinner deserved (hehehe).

i remember reading, once, that eric rippert was the executive chef at west end bistro. yes? no? if yes, cool. if not, i still had a great time. either way, i look forward to future encounters to eat delicious things and have fun conversations. yay!

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