Saturday, October 3, 2015

boss shepherd's

boss shepherd's
513 13th street nw, washington, dc 20004
tel202) 347-2677

what was consumed: delicious fried chicken! and some greens, salad with seared tuna, chicken pot pie fritters, and and and ...

kdk and i got together for a delicious birthday lunch. she had mentioned eating some of the best fried chicken in the city, so i was pumped abut trying it for myself.

boss shepherd's is located beneath (or near beneath) the warner theater. i was running late (why!?!? when did i become that person who is always late?!?! so so sorry, friend!!!), so was frazzled and a bit confused by the time i got to boss shepherd's entrance. turns out, i entered through a side door and not the main entrance. whoops. of course, that didn't deter their friendly staff.

once seated, our server was prompt and attentive, without being too overbearing. he had his opinion about what he recommended along with why he made those recommendations. and we were happy to listen. so, in between all of our girl-y chatter, we ordered a feast of deliciousness.

the chicken pot pie fritter balls were served crispy on the outside and oozing with delicious gravy on the inside and with just the right amount of salty to match the creamy. the greens were cooked to perfection and while they were served in what looked like a small container, they certainly went a long way (of which we totally consumed, of course). and the salad! fresh, properly dressed, and a good accompany-er to ... the fried chicken! at first, i thought that, albeit "gourmet," the dish still had a bit of a hefty price tag for what it was (fried chicken) and the time of day (lunch). but one it came out and after kdk and i polished it off in its entirety, i can't wait to order it again. the fried chicken batter was crispy without being too oily. the chicken was juicy-ly cooked, and the entire dish was seasoned so perfectly. i did not have the urge to douse my chicken in any sort of sauce or feel the need to peel off an overwhelming batter. rather, i gobbled up each and every bite, commenting on how delicious it was and how happy i felt consuming the food. 

boss shepherd's has a wide array of other dishes, many of which have been recommended by other diners. i have confidence that no matter what you eat, you'll enjoy it most definitely! so for now, i'll dream about the fried chicken ... 

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