Tuesday, September 6, 2016


서울 종로구 종로3길 17 디타워; also at 서울 종로구 청진동 246

what was consumed: the weekday lunch special - grilled beef on rice

as though we needed more eating options, here comes all of the restaurants in the d-tower. of course, i welcome them all with open arms. one of my favorites is han-yook-gam aka yu:k.

i've actually only been here for lunch, but when we decide to lunch at yu:k, it's a bit of an ordeal. it's because they have a delicious beef and rice dish that is a must! but they only prepare 50 servings, so you'd better be in your seat and ordered when their doors open (right at 11:30).

while you wait for your meal, enjoy the salad and kimchi. they're refill the kimchi, but not the salad, so savor it! and share! but don't worry, because here comes the beef and rice!

the beef and rice set menu comes with a variety of things on your tray, including instructions. apparently, you're supposed to enjoy a third of the beef with the salad, a third of the beef on its own/with half the rice, and then the final third of the beef with rice after pouring the beef stock in your bowl (or something like that. i wish i had taken a photo of the instructions!). and while there are instructions, you are free to eat your meal however you'd like! just enjoy. and don't forget to grab the complimentary ice coffee on your way out!

imo, the serving size left me a bit lacking, but that's only because i eat like a giant and could have easily consumed two full meals (yes, maybe i should eat less. or not!). but the quality of the meal makes it ALL worth it!

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