Friday, September 16, 2016

the hot spot

the hot spot
where streets 3 and 4 meet, near gol market, F-7/3, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051) 2650534

what was consumed: burgers (the overdrive), fries (regular and curly), and milkshakes.

sometimes, all you need is a burger (you can take the girl out of america, but you can't take the american out of the girl, right? something like that). the pakistanis seem to agree with me. thank goodness for the hot spot!
the first time i visited the hot spot, it was after dinner and for dessert. they have quite a few dessert options in the form of ice cream and milkshakes. definitely something to check out.

the next time i visited the hot spot, it was for lunch. a much awaited burger and fries lunch. yaaassssss. burgers are pretty classic in terms of ingredients. and despite the high cost of beef in pakistan, these burgers weren't too outrageously priced. double yaaassssss!!!

another thing to mention is hot spot's decor. so fabulous! the walls and tables are decorated with old school (from what i understand) pakistani film posters. the posters, in the form of coasters, are also available for purchase (turns out, purchasing coasters is a thing here. i've seen it at quite a few places now. interesting. a new collecting hobby for me? hahaha ... perhaps).

omg, can't wait to go again. see you at the hot spot!


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