Saturday, September 3, 2016

sinbad's kitchen

sinbad's kitchen
서울 용산구 이태원로 180 스카이하이; also at 서울 용산구 이태원동 127-12

what was consumed: some middle eastern, some ethiopian ... yes!

i would see sinbad's kitchen every time i would utilize the itaewon subway station. but it wasn't until i had heard that they also served ETHIOPIAN FOOD on the weekends that i got myself out there. and boy was i glad i did!

sinbad's kitchen serves a variety of foods, mostly of the middle eastern variety. as a result, we couldn't not have falafel (i have an addiction). and while a little different from what i had grown accustomed to (a la jordanian, kuwaiti, amsterdam falafel in DC and so on), we gobbled up the pieces right up with no complaints. and the sauce! the sauce was totally delish and really brought the entire appetizer together.

and then, the ethiopian food. yaaaassssss~~~ the injera, the lentils, the lamb/mutton ... the spices that i love. it had been such a long time since i'd had ethiopian food that it'd be hard to say how it compares. that said, it was pretty darn good and we gobbled it all up. and even when we were already filled to the brim (per usual), especially with injera, we tried to fit more in to our bellies. happily :D

and to close out the meal? turkish coffee, the coffee that reminds me of my time in the middle east. a meal at sinbad's kitchen, imo, would not be complete without a cup of this before taking off.

thanks, sinbad's kitchen! until next time ... 

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