Thursday, September 22, 2016

street one cafe

street one cafe
diplomatic enclave, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051) 2832246/48

what was consumed: brunch! omelets, stuffed french toast, and lots of coffee.

yay for street one cafe!

the running group that i'm part of sometimes runs by street one cafe, the location that is on the diplomatic enclave. but it wasn't until a few weeks after that that i got to try out street one cafe's breakfast/brunch. and i'm glad i did!

street one cafe offers a variety of dishes, but most people i've spoken with tell me that street one cafe does a nice breakfast/brunch. so, when i got my chance, i opted for brunch options, instead of my usual lunch/dinner food preference. friend J and i decided to split a omelet and the stuffed french toast. and i am glad that we did! 

street one cafe does a pretty good omelet. the eggs are cooked well and if your omelet comes with cheese, there will be a lot of it (cheese, that is) - hooray! the stuffed french toast was also delish. for some reason, i thought it would be more sugary; i'm glad it wasn't. half a savory omelet and half a sweet stuffed french toast (with lots of syrup!) was just what this runner needed.

the diplomatic enclave location is also nice as it accommodates larger parties. in addition to the main floor, they have an upstairs seating area (though i've never sad there ... yet). be sure to graba few extra minutes as sometimes service is slow. but that's ok - it gives you more time to enjoy the company of your friends and fellow diners.

a few things:
- though the name of the eatery is street one, they're actually on street seven.
- they open early-ish (for brunch, anyway) which is perfect on those days we go for long runs and are then looking for a nice lace to grab brunch-y foods.
- they also serve lunch which, from what i understand, is also delish.

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