Wednesday, September 14, 2016

bismillah tikka & chargha house

bismillah tikka & chargha house
madina market, F-8/2, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051-2280302

what was consumed: CHICKEN NAAN. and cheese naan. and butter chicken (chicken cooked in butter, not the butter chicken curry).

eating all the day in pakistan! yes, there are quite a few good eats, and i want to go through as many as i can!

and so, the first weekend we were permitted to go anywhere, where did we go? that's right: bismillah chicken. friends had mentioned this fantastic "chicken naan" (naan stuffed with chicken) that, as office legend/lore goes, caused a man to leave a life of vegetarianism. it was that good (mind you, he had been a veggie for only a few months, but still!). 

our meal started with a few different types of breads/naans. THIS is what we were waiting for: naan that is stuffed with chicken. YUM. they don't photograph well, but what can you do? that's right, you can just go and try the naans for yourself. bismillah chicken's cheese naan also may be my favorite (so far). just so much cheese stuffed in to some delicious bread.

also with the meal, mint and fennel yogurt are served:
i'd never tried them before, but would definitely recommend including them in your meal. i don't know if i'd purchase either flavor for consumption on a regular basis, but i certainly included this in quite a few bites of food.

be sure to go in groups, though, so you can order all of the things. in addition to the grilled chicken, be sure to order the chicken cooked in butter:
there are "meat" variations of these as well, also delicious. 

it's a lot of food (yes! me! i'm saying it's a lot of food!), if you want to try all of the different dishes. so, let me know when you want to go! my large appetite and i are ready and willing to participate. YUM.

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