Monday, September 26, 2016

little asia

little asia
block b agha khan road, F-6 markaz, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051) 2272435

what was consumed: chinese food! and thai food! ... ??? not surprisingly, both chinese and thai cuisine are offered (and a few "korean" options, but i won't judge. hahaha).

little asia offers a pretty large menu of asian cuisine, mostly chinese and thai, with all variations of protein (chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, tofu, etc). i like that they offer so much variety even if that means someone like me has a more difficult time trying to decide what it is that i'm going to order (and encourage others to order). you can pretty much expect american-style chinese/thai food. for me, that's exactly what i was looking for.

i also like that they serve you baskets of shrimp chips (the size of my face! remember when i had that in bali, indonesia? oh, the memories :) along with sauces that whet your appetite. i could easily go through a few baskets of that deliciousness.

be sure to go with a couple of folks and encourage family style dining so that you can try all sort of things. so delicious!


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