Tuesday, September 20, 2016

al maghreb

al maghreb
serena hotel, islamabad, pakistan
tel: 051-2874000

what was consumed: tabbouleh, fatoosh, hummus, chicken tagine

there are quite a few quick eats options in islamabad. similarly, there are quite a few nice-ish sit down restaurants. most of them are in hotels (turns out, that's a thing here too). i'm just glad that they exist.

BJL and i decided to go out for a nice-ish dinner, so head to the serena hotel's al maghreb for some middle eastern cuisine.

to make a gross generalization, pakistanis eat dinner really late. so when we arrived at al maghreb, we were literally the only ones there. no problem - we were immediately seated and service was top notch.

we chose a variety of dishes, many of which were our favorites when we were serving in the middle east. so we knew exactly what we wanted, but could also be highly disappointed (can't help but to have high expectations). lucky for us, our expectations were met and we enjoyed delicious middle eastern cuisine. YUM. 


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