Friday, January 31, 2014

kout way

kout way
6 baghdad street, block 9, salmiya
tel: 94006767

what was consumed: shrimp murabian (of course) set - with salad and soda

turns out, kuwaiti food consumed outside of the home is a relatively new phenomenon. no surprise, then, that "fast food" kuwaiti doesn't exist en masse. no worries. turns out, an enterprising young kuwaiti (as the rumors go) set out to change this with kout way.

kout way offers just a few items on their menu - chicken machbous, shrimp murabian, and meat briyani (and then some meat variations of the three options). you have the option of getting a "set" that includes salad (of tomatoes and cucumbers with a light olive oil-based dressing (yum)) and a soda. there are also a couple of appetizers that you can order (like kibbeh!) and they deliver! the idea behind kout way, so i've read, was for people to be able to eat kuwaiti food whenever they want and quickly, especially for those who are on the run (very typical of "fast food.") i want to say that kout way takes more of the "quick chinese food" mentality than that of the quick fly-by burger joint. fine by me! i recommend their shrimp murabian as it is flavorful and surprisingly offers quite a bit of shrimp. a good deal for the low cost of the dish.

the first time i went to kout way, friends and i were the only ones eating in - kout way has a small dining area that seats about 10 people (i imagine most of their business is delivery, as seems to be the case for some many eateries in kuwait). we only later found out that they had only just opened and were still in their "soft opening" stage. that was enough for me to be impressed. i've been back a few times, including some delivery orders (yay for!) and have enjoyed my fare.

all the best to you, young kuwaiti restraunteur! i am happy to support through my patronage. nom nom nom.

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