Tuesday, January 28, 2014


street 15, block 9, salmiya
tel: 69966164
hours: monday-sunday 11am-11pm

what was consumed: thai food of all sorts! of course including tom yum soup, papaya salad, and drunken noodles

i didn't know that saibadee was a type of fish (interesting, i learned that about it at ambassador mubaraki's diwaniya during ramadan), and a delicious one at that. seeing the prevalence of seafood in thai cuisine, i can see how a thai restaurant might be called saibadee.

the first time i had thai food at saibadee, it was at their fintas branch. there were probably about 10 people in our group so i got to taste a little bit of a lot of stuff (including morning glory sauteed in a delicious sauce!) and i was not disappointed. the flavors are authentic (or so i've heard) and the ingredients fresh. the bonus is that the service is pretty good as well. they don't overcook the noodles in their noodle dishes, their sticky rice is steamed just right ... and they offer quite a menu of dishes. i recommend getting the "usual" thai favorites - imo, that's what they do best.

and their papaya salad! they give you the option of making it as spicy as you'd like it to be (more spicy for me, please) and while it's doused in fish sauce, it's not so stinky that it's unbearable (though that would be ok by me). i like that they include plenty of peanuts and green beans as well. and that i gauge the quality of thai restaurants on how much i like their papaya salad, i'd say that saibadee ranks pretty high out here in kuwait.

i've since discovered their salmiya branch. it's in the middle of a block, so a little hard to find because it's not off the main road. but it's worth circling the block and going down small streets.

sadly, they don't deliver. maybe it's a good thing. otherwise, i would be ordering their papaya salad (as well as other fare) on a more regular basis. that i have to go there helps me with that little thing i call self control. hahaha.

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