Friday, January 24, 2014


@the village (and other locations)

what was consumed: gelato

no surprise, kuwaitis love ice cream. and gelato. and dessert. and really food altogether (do the super high rates of diabetes say/mean anything?). now, i'm not a huge ice cream person, so i may not be the best person to comment on the virtue of gelato vs. ice cream vs. any other cold and icy sweet dessert. that said, when looking to go out for ice cream, gelatissimo may be what sets the bar.

gelatissimo offers a huge variety of gelato flavors, including some that are sugar free, as well as some sorbets. i wish they had some dairy free options as well, but, let's face it - dairy based gelato is just that much more delicious. each time i go to gelatissimo, i try quite a few samples before landing on the flavor that feeds my craving. the attendants are really nice and let you try as many as you can. and while their over-boisterous welcoming has gotten grating over the past 2 years, i appreciate their excitement as my visit to gelatissimo.

j once tried the apple gelato and was over the moon about it. he then proceeded to get an order of it (after already having consumed a peanut butter gelato shake) which may have been over the top. that, of course, didn't prevent him from finishing it off anyway.

i now feel like some gelatissimo ... let's go!

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