Friday, January 3, 2014

en mexico

en mexico
address: street 6, block 1a, jabriya
tel: +965 99111015

what was consumed: chips and salsa, guacamole, fish tacos, chicken burrito, mexican corn, churros and chocolate

there can never be too much mexican food/tex mex in this world. the end.

what's worse is that i grew up in southern california where mexican food is very readily available. and then i went to school in san diego where that's pretty much what we existed on. so to say that the bar is high is an understatement. that said, i'll eat some pretty crappy mexican food (did i ever tell you the taco bell from base in seoul story? remind me and i will). mexican food (or korean chinese food) is also what i usually look for right off the plane when in just fysa. hahahaha.

here in kuwait, mexican/tex mex restaurants have been slowly, but surely, popping up (and no, taco bell doesn't count. besides, that's been here for a while now). and so, if i'm not making enchiladas and pico de gallo and guacamole at home, my go to place is en mexico.

en mexico is in an area of jabriya that is turning into quite a hub for restaurants (container 75 is right next door and the early bird is just down the street!). it seats about 20 inside and about 10 outside (they also do take-out), so it may not accommodate very large groups. that said, totally worth it. deliciously warm and crisp (and salty!) tortilla chips served with homemade salsa and lime-y guacamole. thin four tortillas wrap around grilled fish for tacos or nicely season chicken in a burrito, served with rice and beans. roasted corn, mexican style, complete with cheese. i heard that their chef is either of mexican descent and/or spent a whole lot of time with the hispanic community, explaining the authenticity of the food. 

and don't leave without trying their churros and chocolate. warm and delicious churros that are served with a small bowl of chocolate into which you dip. an excellent final touch and end to a delicious meal.

let me know when you want to go to en mexico (or, as g and j have inputed into their gps, "mexican inn"). i will crash your party and go with you. any time. get ready!

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