Tuesday, January 7, 2014

baking tray

baking tray
address: mishal tower, jaber al-mubakar street, dasman, sharq
tel: +965 2225 1544

what was consumed: sandwiches, salads, cookies (delicious, delicious cookies), CRONUTS.

omg, i can't believe i haven't written about baking tray yet!

a colleague of mine told me that a new place had opened up in kuwait city (it's not that new anymore, but new when i first heard about it). he has a pretty good palette (imo), so i made it a goal of mine to visit the baking tray - he told me about some tasty salads, yummy sandwiches, and some really good bread (i'm not a big bread person, so i prefer places with good bread. of course). and then, another friend of mine (not from work) mentioned that he had had some of the best cookies at baking tray. more reason to give 'em a try.

so, i finally made myself out to the baking tray. if you eat in, when you sit down, they bring out some delicious bread with a tomato butter spread (i think it's tomato butter. all i know is that i couldn't seem to get enough slathered on to my bread ... !!!) the first time, i had their chicken salad sandwich on foccacia. delicious. the chicken salad wasn't mayonnaise-y and flavored well. and the foccacia! yum. they also had oven baked potato wedges that are seasoned with who knows what. all i know is that they're super duper delicious and i could've sat and eaten multiple portions :O

baking tray has indoor seating for about 20 inside and 20 outside. you can order at the counter, order at your table, eat in, take-out, etc. the options are endless! and i think i've done all of those things.

i hear that baking tray will also deliver meals to you, during the day, during ramadan (in comparison to most places that are closed to any and all food service, per local law). my guess is that they are cooking in a private kitchen and delivering to private citizens (both of which, from what i understand, is all legit and OK).

speaking of ramadan ... during ramadan 2013, i also read an article about how baking tray was trying their hand at cronuts (per the craze in the U.S.) cronuts. CRONUTS! i couldn't not try it, of course. who doesn't like croissants in the shape of donuts (and made like donuts too, aka fried) and then filled with either chocolate or custard. so i dragged some friends up to kuwait city on a weekend (after ramadan, of course. i'm being sensitive!) for some eats including cronuts. nom nom nom. cronuts are served cold, though i sort of think they'd also be delicious warm. maybe even MORE delicious. i prefer the custard one over the chocolate one, but that's me. and i'm not going to turn down a chocolate one. obvi.

so, when're we going to baking tray next? hehehehe.

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