Saturday, February 8, 2014


marina crescent, the village

what was consumed: some of my favorites at ayyame include hummous, lentil salad (among lots of their salads), tabliyas, pomegranate chicken ...

turns out, when we have programming guests in town, we always take them to ayyame. i think it's because ayyame offers a variety of middle eastern fare that is delicious according to "locals" and palatable to foreign/new palates.

meals often start with an array of "dips" and salads. i love their lentil salad where the lentils are cooked just right and the salad has just a bit of cream with just a bit of tart with just a bit of spice. i'm frequently tempted to order one of the table and one for myself (i usually don't. not with company, anyway - haha).

i will also frequently order their tabliyas. some people call it the middle eastern version of pizza (it sort of is), but ayyame does a great job with so many of their ingredient combinations! the usual zataar or haloumi is delicious, but so are the ones with chicken or with fresh veggies or or or ...

the first time parents came to visit kuwait, i took them to ayyame. i wasn't sure how they would react to some of the middle eastern fare that is so different to what they usually have, but they were really interested in trying the different flavors (as i knew they would) and, most importantly, the food settled well in their systems (ftw!). they commented on the fresh ingredients and the clean flavors. woohoo! since then, ayyame stayed on my list of places to take people. in particular, i like going to the marina crescent location because you can sit outside, facing the marina, watching the boats that are docked. it can get really crowded there in the evenings, but provided you get there before the crowds (usually later than my preferred dining hour), you'll be able to nab a good seat.

ayyame, until next time ... soon!

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