Tuesday, February 4, 2014


baghdad street, salmiya

what was consumed: chicken shwarma, falafel, hummous, tabbouleh

dodo (that locals, apparently, pronounce "doo doo" until i tell them that that means poop in america. then they say "doe doe," like the extinct bird) is my go-to shwarma place that is just far enough to be driving distance, but close enough to be ... well, close.

i can eat quite a few of their chicken shwarmas in one sitting. maybe too many of them. hehehehe. the chicken that rotates around and around just becomes so delicious! i try to tell them that i want hummus, "salad," and french fries in my chicken shwarma (i'm ok with the inclusion of their pickles) and ask them not to include the huge sprigs of mint. my success rate is low as i spend a lot of time picking out the mint. hahaha.

they used to do falafel sandwiches in pitas, but now they do the "super sandwich" method and serve the falafel sandwiches in hot-dog-bun-style rolls. as a result, i don't order that any more. if in a falafel mood, i will just order the falafel balls (note: they use quite a bit of fennel in their falafel balls. i used to love it. these days, i think i'm more of a purist and prefer falafel without it).

i've started to order hummous and tabbouleh these days. i've grown fond of tabbouleh mixed with hummous (delicious). maybe the cuisine of the region -has- grown on me.
another best part? they engage in the literal definition of drive through: you drive up to dodo,  one of the gents wearing red canvas overalls comes up to your car window to take your order, you pay, get your food, and drive off (i usually eat one of the chicken shwarmas while driving home. no self control!).

i frequently think about stopping by dodo on my way home from work, especially on days that i don't want to cook. and every day i fight with myself because dodo ALWAYS sounds like a good idea. hehehehe.

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