Saturday, February 15, 2014

upper crust

upper crust
the village, hamra tower

what was consumed: pizza! the swellesley, charles street, garden veggie, and and and ... boston style.

okokok, so i know upper crust is a boston chain. but there's something about never having been to some of these places stateside (or not frequenting them, anyway) and enjoying them while here in Q8.

as a kuwait newbie, new friends recommended going to upper crust. i hadn't heard about it (and only know of its bostonian roots after looking it up. i should've known it had american roots because so much does here in kuwait!), but was happy to go to any pizza joint. but man, upper crust is pretty solid for good thin crust pizza. uppder crust follows the "tradition" of boston-style pizza, but as its coupled with fresh ingredients that top the pizza, you are bound to get some delicious pizza (even if the pepperoni is beef-based. oh well).

and can't decide between two (or even three!) favorites? let them know and they'll split your pizza between/among the different types (though i think their rule is that they at least have to have the same sauce base. but i could be wrong). this is perfect for someone like me because 01) i love pizza, 02) i have a hard time making up my mind because they all sound delicious.

we will also frequently order upper crust delivery for movie nights/events for kids because for almost the same price, we feel like we get delicious-er (and sometimes even bigger) pizzas. yay yay yay! more pizza please!


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