Tuesday, February 18, 2014

freej soeleh

freej soeleh

what was consumed: kuwaiti! the usual ... hummus, shrimp murabian, majbous, fatoush ... nom nom nom
whenever i ask people about going to eat kuwaiti food, freej soeleh always comes up. i didn't know if it was because it was the best or if it's because it's been around the longest, or what. so when c&j came to visit, and we were looking for a kuwaiti restuarant near my house (my residence!), we decided to check it out.

i had passed by the sign what feels like a thousand times (it's next to the marina mall on salem al mubarak street). but it's a good thing i read/asked about it because the door isn't on the main road, underneath their huge neon sign. rather, it's on the side of the parking lot. that should make a lot of sense, being from so.cal, but for whatever reason, that seemed odd. have i been overseas/out of so.cal too long? perhaps.

freej soeleh is on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. on both floors, there is regular table seating and enclosed booths with "door bells" that the servers will ring before entering. considering the potential clientele in this region, i guess that makes sense. we got to sit in one of the enclosed booths and began ordering a slew of things: fatoush (served in a taco shell-like bowl), hummus, and the usual kuwaiti faovrites (majbous, hammour, murabian, etc.)

now, granted, we ordered way too much food. but the three of us left feeling overly stuffed, with leftovers, and wishing our bellies were larger ... !!! the rice was cooked and seasonsed well, as was the chicken and fish and shrimp. the ingredients were fresh, the flavors were nice, the service was good (the little bell calling the server helped), and the prices were not unreasonable. i wish they served iranian bread straight from the oven, but who am i to complain? the meal was otherwise so delicious.

i've got to go to freej soeleh at least once, again, before i leave. i'll miss it and want to enjoy its fares long after i depart ... nom nom nom.

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