Thursday, February 13, 2014


the village, arabella

what was consumed: burgers! and potato skins. and chicken wings.

my Q8 burger challenge continues! 

so, i like the idea of a place having some classic american fare. burgers, wings, potato skins, beverages served in mason jars (is that still real hipster, or has it gone back to being practical? i guess it's hipster over here). this is what the junkyard offers. and, imo, junkyard does a pretty good job. especially their potato skins. i feel like they're more like the twice baked potatoes our of america's test kitchen. no matter - they are delicious and i can most likely (and easily) polish off an order all on my own.

the burger was pretty delicious. the regular one comes with two patties which was a pleasant surprise. that said, the buns sort of overwhelmed the burger (i.e., the patties, albeit double patties, were too small for the buns. or the buns were too large for the burger. and i ended up not eating a lot of bread). that said, the patties were cooked nicely and tasted pretty darn good (though, i was still obsessing over the potato skins :O ... hahaha)

junkyard has some cool wall art and seems like a pretty hip place to hang out. mind you, i went during ramadan, so the place was pretty empty. that said, i can see myself going again. a lot. hahahaha.


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