Tuesday, February 11, 2014


kuwait city

what was consumed: tapas. lots of tapas.

some say that the tapas trend is going away. while that may be true about tapas being trendy, tapas/small plates (as it is a "usual" food in some parts of the world) will never really go away.

i like going to tapas places with a larger group of people. everyone is asked to select 3 or 4 things from the menu and we share everything that comes. sometimes that means we have to split an already small order into tiny tiny pieces; however, that also means i get to try lots of stuff (which i love). so when some friends talked about going to bubo (and a pretty large number of folks), i was all about it.

bubo hails from spain. like spain spain spain. so, i say that their tapas are probably pretty legit real spanish style. but let's face it: i don't really know what what means. all i know is that i got to eat some really yummy food at bubo. another interesting this is that when i walked in, i saw the chic seating area. and then, i saw the a dessert counter that looked pretty delectable, even for this dessert less-than-lover (i see that carles mambel is a renowned pastry chef. okokok - this all makes sense now). bubo is on the pricier side, but you know me - i'll pay the money for yummy treats, and this was definitely worth the dinars!

online: http://bubo.es/en/

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