Saturday, July 2, 2016

toh-seong ah-gu-jjim (토성 아구찜)

toh-seong ah-gu-jjim (토성 아구찜)
서울 용산구 이촌1동 - in the market outside of the ichon station (take exit 3-1, pass yong-gang middle school, and go in to the market) in 동부이촌동
tel: 02) 795-3055

what was consumed: spicy seafood bake, korean style (해물찜)

one of the dishes i miss most when i'm away from korea is hae-mul jjim. so when khj told me she wanted to check out a hae-mul jjim place, i was all for it.

while we were waiting for our bake, we devoured side dishes of seaweed salad, kimchee pancakes, and steamed cabbage.

toh-seong ah-gu-jjim offers a few varieties of seafood bakes (focusing on fish or focusing on shellfish; we opted for the latter) that's baked in a spicy sauce, as is tradition, served on a bed of steamed soy bean sprouts. a huge pile of shellfish appeared and we began to enjoy layer after layer, with bites of soy beans in between. yummy!

be sure to save room for fried rice at the end! the ladies at toh-seong will fry the rice in the bake's sauce and leave the rice on the grill just enough for the rice to toast. YUM.

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