Tuesday, July 19, 2016

seol-bing (설빙)

seol-bing (설빙)
various locations

what was consumed: bing-soo! shaved ice/milk topped with fruit. or chocolate. or or or ...

oh, korean shaved ice, you have come a long way. now, there are dessert cafes that are dedicated to shaved ice (or, more common, shaved frozen milk) that is a treat no matter what the weather is like outside! i like the more traditional option (with the red beans), but seol-bing takes it to a different level, especially for those who are not red bean fans.

at seol-bing, on a mound of shaved ice/milk, you'll find a variety of different options: strawberries, mangos (when in season), chocolate, etc. each bing-soo is served with a small container of condensed milk, for those who are looking for a sweeter treat.

i could totally for for some seol-bing right about now ...

: www.sulbing.com

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