Sunday, July 10, 2016

dae-do cham-chi (대도 참치)

dae-do cham-chi (대도 참치)
서울 종로구 종로5길 58 석탄회관빌딩; also at 서울 종로구 수송동 80-6
tel: 02-732-3322

what was consumed: fish roe soup (알탕)

one of my favorite korean dishes is fish roe soup. it's fishy, it's spicy, it's hot ... YUM. people tell me that it's usually ordered as an appetizer (안주) with soju, but i say nay. nay! it's good all the time! so, mjk and i went in search of a place near the office where we could enjoy.

lucky for us, mr. park (our resident dude-food expert) directed us to dae-do cham-chi for some delish ahl-tang. once at the restaurant, we were seated in a private room (depending on availability. i've also sat at a table and at the sushi bar) where our server took our order. there are larger rooms to hold larger groups as well, in case you're looking for that sort of space.

anyway, to our delight, dae-do cham-chi, specializing in tuna, prepares the ahl-tang as part of a set menu. in addition to our fish roe stew, we were served a few korean side dishes, a "sushi" appetizer (different ones each time), grilled fish, spicy stewed fish, and a small bowl of noodles. we had to be careful not to spoil our appetites as we anticipated our piping hot bowl of roe stew:

ugh. craving it right now. like majorly. SO GOOD. nom nom nom ... 

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