Tuesday, July 26, 2016

hakadabunko (하카다분코)

hakadabunko (하카다분코)
서울 마포구 독막로19길 43; also at 서울 마포구 상수동 93-28

what was consumed: japanese style ramen!

i'm glad japanese style ramen is taking the world by storm. don't get me wrong, i love the korean style as well (what's up neoguri!), but it's about variety, right?

the first time i visited hakadabunko was with isa and al, in one of our many eating adventures. there was a line outside, letting us know that it was either not open or that it was really popular because it was delicious. lucky for us, it was the latter. we waited a bit and were thankful for the quick turnover. also note that hakadabunko has a limited number of bowls that they serve. i.e., once they sell out, they sell out. and that's that. as a result, each time i've been to hakadabunko, all i've had was their ramen. they have a few other things, but their popularity made them unavailable to me :(... next time!

but yeah. the ramen noodles are solid and each bowl is made to order. and there's something about the delicious delicious ramen broth that calls my name and makes me want more. rich, yet simple. YUM. i can see why the wait is long and people are willing to stand in line. have a bowl or two for me, folks!

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