Sunday, July 3, 2016

spacca napoli

spacca napoli
서울 마포구 양화로6길 28; also at 서울 마포구 합정동 413-2 2층

what was consumed: pizza! and caprese salad

pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza. i love it so much and could probably eat it for every meal. so, when i hear that there's a place that has the OK by multiple italian diplomats, as well as foodie friends, i welcomed it in to my repertoire with open arms. 

the pizza at spacca napoli is great. a wood-fire oven to bake a delicious crust, lots of cheese, ample toppings. just pick one; you won't be disappointed. i've also heard that their pastas are home made and super delish. and don't forget their salads! some things have a korean take (yes, iceburg lettuce abounds), but when the salads are covered with cured meats, really, it's all ok.


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