Saturday, July 23, 2016

hyo-ja bah-beh (효자바베)

hyo-ja bah-beh (효자바베)
서울 종로구 자하문로1길 42; also at ; also at 서울 종로구 체부동 210-3

what was consumed: bbq! cooked on a weber grill, on charcoal, inside of the restaurant (yes, it gets a little smoky). and a spicy italian inspired tomato soup. both are a must.

in the cute area near gyungbok palace (aka seo-chon), there is a strip of restaurants that we'd frequent after work (just a short walk from the office). hyo-ja bah-beh because one of my favorites. order the bbq platter and you won't be disappointed. beef, chicken, pork, seafood ... there's a little bit of each on your platter, sitting on top of some steamed cabbage (got to have some veggies, right?). everything is cooked on what looks like a weber grill, on charcoal. yes, you will leave the place sort of stinking, but it's totally worth it.

and be sure to order the spicy seafood stew. it's a cross between a soupy spicy spaghetti (literally. there are spaghetti noodles in the dish) and jjambbong. it's a little on the spicy (and tomato-y) side, but definitely delish and a nice part ii of a delicious meal.

yay for hyo-jah bah-beh!

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