Tuesday, August 30, 2016

song-chu gah-mah-gol (송추 가마골)

song-chu gah-mah-gol (송추 가마골)
서울특별시 종로구 새문안로5길 31 센터포인트; also at 서울특별시 종로구 도렴동 65

what was consumed: their lunch set menu - korean bbq!

looking for a good place for a group/office lunch? consider 송추 가마골! while they have a pretty extensive korean bbq menu, they also have set menus that are easy to order and, sometimes, on sale! hahaha ... my team and i head over for lunch one day. reservations in hand, we were immediately seated (next to quite a few groups of seasoned individuals who looked like they were "ladies who lunch." what does that make us, then? hahaha), and within a few minutes, our orders were in and we were munching on some side dishes as we awaited our korean bbq. YUM.

my recommendation, of course, is to have members of your party get a variety of items. that way, you can try everything, especially as korean style eating is generally family style. 



Sunday, August 28, 2016

chung-ki myun-ga (청키면가)

chung-ki myun-ga (청키면가)
서울시 용산구 이태원동 128-4

what was consumed: hong kong style noodles and chinese food!

noodles and dumplings? yes please! and who am i kidding. someone told me that this is hong kong style (and i'd had it while transiting through HGK), but what do i know? nothing. all i know is that the noodles were delicious, the dumplings were savory, and i was super full as i departed chung-ki myun-ga. let's go again!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

potato house (청년장사꾼감자집)

potato house (청년장사꾼감자집)
서울특별시 종로구 자하문로1길 25; also at 서울특별시 종로구 내자동 24

what was consumed: fried potatoes! both sweet and regular. and beverages in pyrexes. fun!

a place that focuses on fried potatoes? yes please! as we were leaving dinner, despite being full, we couldn't resist the sound (and sight and smell) of fried potatoes, both regular and sweet:
their fries are seasoned so deliciously and the sweet potato fries are served with honey (turns out, that's a pretty delish dessert-ish combo).

and yes, they serve their beverages in pyrexes. it's a fun idea AND you know how much you're actually being served because you can see the measurements. hahaha.

so don't be deterred by what looks like no seating - they expand to the "tent" next door. so especially when the weather is nice, be sure to stop by and grab a drink and some fries! YUM.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


서울특별시 종로구 종로8길 5; also at 서울특별시 종로구 관철동 45-2 2층
tel: 02-720-4786

what was consumed: all things indian and nepalese! samosas, curries, tandoori, lots of rice ... though an indian american friend of mine said that the staff is all from nepal ... works for me!

i knew little about food from nepal, but have come to love it as much as i love indian cuisine. YUM. 

i first visited durga when a colleague of mine suggested it as a good place for lunch. it was, though i was thankful i was interviewing in the afternoon (i.e., on my feet) because i definitely ate enough rice to put me to sleep otherwise! that's a good sign :D

durga has a variety of foods, from your favorites that you recognize from other indian restaurants (with a nepalese twist, from what i understand) and maybe even some things that you don't. either way, they have fun decor and the wait staff is patient and kind, ready for good recommendations. definitely give durga a try! and let me know so i can come with.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

rye post

rye post
서울 용산구 이태원로 164-1; also at 서울 용산구 이태원1동 72-34

what was consumed: sandwiches! we were looking for good bahn mis and their korean cheesesteak is also pretty good. and don't forget about the fries!

i went through a phase in seoul where all i wanted was sandwiches (ok, so maybe it's not a phase and it's something i'm always looking for). like a good, solid, delicious sandwich with delicious filling on delicious bread. you'd think it wouldn't be too difficult in a cosmopolitan place like seoul, right? right ...

enter rye post. isa and i had heard about it as a place to go for bahn mi. and yes, their bahn mis are pretty delish. during my time in seoul, i visited rye post a few times, especially to get that sandwich fix. the other one i'd recommend is the kimchee cheesesteak. kimchee, cheese, and steak, all in one? yes please!

rye post's fries are pretty solid as well (though, there are few fries i've met that i didn't like. i'm looking at you, in 'n out -__-). i wish an order of fries came with the sandwich, though. of course, i dished out the few extra won to have the delicious addition. YUM.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

brooklyn the burger joint

brooklyn the burger joint
서울특별시 강남구 도산대로15길 12 가로수빌딩 1층; also at 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 540-11 가로수빌딩 1층

what was consumed: burgers! try any of them that catch your eye. and, of course, cheese fries with bacon. and chili cheese fritos! omg, i haven't had those in ages.

i am all for a good burger (remember the Q8 burger challenge?), though, sadly, i haven't been able to find too many in seoul. the koreans like to add sweet sauces, and the like, probably to cut the grease (but the grease is so good!). so when kenny suggested burgers for dinner, despite having just eaten, i couldn't say no.

brooklyn the burger join is a throw back to diner-style eating, a la johnny rockets and other fine eateries (hahaha). we, of course, had to sit at the bar, which really was like the diner-style seating that you see in movies and that we now refer back to with hashtags (#tbt) as we remember the days of soda fountains and jukeboxes. hahaha. and, yes, they have kool-aid "on tap" (though not soda. that still comes in cans).

kenny and i opted for our usual: everything. a burger for each of us (mine was a classic burger with extra veggies. that's how you can tell, right? how good the burger is?). the buns were a little over powering (though that is usually my critique), but the patties were pretty hefty and well cooked, and the burgers came with quite a bit of fixin's and that make me happy.

and, seeing it on the menu, we couldn't resist but to order not only the cheese fries (with bacon. of course!), but the chili served with ... FRITOS. omg, i haven't had something like that since high school (so, a total throw back). i wish the chili came with cheese and a dollop of sour cream (you know. healthy) and MORE FRITOS. but that it's on their menu altogether and that the chili really was savory (no more sweet chili please!) was a huge welcome in my book. do you think they'll mind if i bring additional fritos with me next time? hehehe ...

it looks like they have some other locations, but kenny and i visited the location near sinsa station. no matter where it is, just go! yay for brooklyn the burger joint!


Friday, August 19, 2016

taj palace

taj palace
서울 용산구 우사단로 39; also at 서울 용산구 이태원동 132-2 2층

what was consumed: sunday buffet! i.e., lots of butter chicken and tandoori.

kenny and i are always on the hunt for good indian food (my cravings for it really began in seoul. funny, huh?) and as itaewon was a more convenient location for the both of us, we focused our search there. lucky for us, there's taj palace.

on sundays, taj palace does a great buffet with some classic (or western?) favorites. some sort of tandoori (usually chicken), butter chicken (or something similar to it anyway), something veggie, usually a lamb/mutton dish ... and a hearty serving of naan. YUM.

while our experience with taj palace is primarily on sundays, when they do their buffet (because, really, that's the best way to satiate my craving), i'm sure they have delicious dishes at other times.

nom nom nom ... 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

han wa dam (한와담)

han wa dam (한와담)
서울특별시 용산구 독서당로 67 1층; also at 서울특별시 용산구 한남동 261-6 1층

what was consumed: meat! and grilled cheese. and fried rice.

were we at han wa dam? or we were at han wa dam black? i don't know. either way, whichever of the two we were at, it was super delicious.

so, we walked in, ready to eat some delicious grilled meat. of course, at han wa dam, we don't grill our own; each table has a dedicated dude (usually dude) who will cook your meal at your table (if i recall correctly, one of the draws for ladies is that the dudes are handsome. hahahaha. i don't know why i remember that). anyway, the quality of the meat is so delicious (but you pay for it. expensive!), so be sure to save up and head over to han wa dam! and take me with you!

be sure to also order the grilled cheese at han wa dam. slices of halloumi cheese (which i love. love the salty cheeses!), grilled at your table, enjoyed when they are still warm:

after the meat and the cheese, we of course had to enjoy the fried rice (i think i was looking forward most to this):