Tuesday, August 23, 2016

rye post

rye post
서울 용산구 이태원로 164-1; also at 서울 용산구 이태원1동 72-34

what was consumed: sandwiches! we were looking for good bahn mis and their korean cheesesteak is also pretty good. and don't forget about the fries!

i went through a phase in seoul where all i wanted was sandwiches (ok, so maybe it's not a phase and it's something i'm always looking for). like a good, solid, delicious sandwich with delicious filling on delicious bread. you'd think it wouldn't be too difficult in a cosmopolitan place like seoul, right? right ...

enter rye post. isa and i had heard about it as a place to go for bahn mi. and yes, their bahn mis are pretty delish. during my time in seoul, i visited rye post a few times, especially to get that sandwich fix. the other one i'd recommend is the kimchee cheesesteak. kimchee, cheese, and steak, all in one? yes please!

rye post's fries are pretty solid as well (though, there are few fries i've met that i didn't like. i'm looking at you, in 'n out -__-). i wish an order of fries came with the sandwich, though. of course, i dished out the few extra won to have the delicious addition. YUM.

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