Sunday, August 14, 2016

seoga & cook

seoga & cook
서울 종로구 동숭길 55 대학빌딩; also at 서울 종로구 동숭동 1-145 2층


what was consumed: steak salad, spicy seafood pasta, risotto ... YUM.

seoga & cook! while there are quite a few locations, i've only been to the one near hye-hwa station. with my family. after church. where our huge group would gather and stuff our bellies.

korean fusion american/italian food is sometimes not my favorite. but the fare at seoga & cook is pretty delish. the pasta is cooked well, the risotto is rich and creamy, the steak salad is ample is its portions (and with fries! though, really, you pay for it). so when you have a hungry crowd (or just a couple of growing teens), seoga & cook will def meet your needs.

seoga & cook is also good for bigger groups (we always had a table of at least 10 people. yes. i have a big family) and all of their dishes are served family style. but be sure to nab your share because for sure it'll be all gone by the time the plate comes back to you! YUM.

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