Friday, August 19, 2016

taj palace

taj palace
서울 용산구 우사단로 39; also at 서울 용산구 이태원동 132-2 2층

what was consumed: sunday buffet! i.e., lots of butter chicken and tandoori.

kenny and i are always on the hunt for good indian food (my cravings for it really began in seoul. funny, huh?) and as itaewon was a more convenient location for the both of us, we focused our search there. lucky for us, there's taj palace.

on sundays, taj palace does a great buffet with some classic (or western?) favorites. some sort of tandoori (usually chicken), butter chicken (or something similar to it anyway), something veggie, usually a lamb/mutton dish ... and a hearty serving of naan. YUM.

while our experience with taj palace is primarily on sundays, when they do their buffet (because, really, that's the best way to satiate my craving), i'm sure they have delicious dishes at other times.

nom nom nom ... 

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