Sunday, August 21, 2016

brooklyn the burger joint

brooklyn the burger joint
서울특별시 강남구 도산대로15길 12 가로수빌딩 1층; also at 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 540-11 가로수빌딩 1층

what was consumed: burgers! try any of them that catch your eye. and, of course, cheese fries with bacon. and chili cheese fritos! omg, i haven't had those in ages.

i am all for a good burger (remember the Q8 burger challenge?), though, sadly, i haven't been able to find too many in seoul. the koreans like to add sweet sauces, and the like, probably to cut the grease (but the grease is so good!). so when kenny suggested burgers for dinner, despite having just eaten, i couldn't say no.

brooklyn the burger join is a throw back to diner-style eating, a la johnny rockets and other fine eateries (hahaha). we, of course, had to sit at the bar, which really was like the diner-style seating that you see in movies and that we now refer back to with hashtags (#tbt) as we remember the days of soda fountains and jukeboxes. hahaha. and, yes, they have kool-aid "on tap" (though not soda. that still comes in cans).

kenny and i opted for our usual: everything. a burger for each of us (mine was a classic burger with extra veggies. that's how you can tell, right? how good the burger is?). the buns were a little over powering (though that is usually my critique), but the patties were pretty hefty and well cooked, and the burgers came with quite a bit of fixin's and that make me happy.

and, seeing it on the menu, we couldn't resist but to order not only the cheese fries (with bacon. of course!), but the chili served with ... FRITOS. omg, i haven't had something like that since high school (so, a total throw back). i wish the chili came with cheese and a dollop of sour cream (you know. healthy) and MORE FRITOS. but that it's on their menu altogether and that the chili really was savory (no more sweet chili please!) was a huge welcome in my book. do you think they'll mind if i bring additional fritos with me next time? hehehe ...

it looks like they have some other locations, but kenny and i visited the location near sinsa station. no matter where it is, just go! yay for brooklyn the burger joint!


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