Sunday, August 14, 2016

tong young oyster rice (통영 굴밥)

tong young oyster rice (통영 굴밥)
near gwanghwamun station (ugh. i can't find the exact address. it's in one of those buildings, on the basement level)

what was consumed: oyster rice! both "original" and spicy. and oyster pancake. and oyster soup!

the koreans say winter is the time to eat oyster. i say it's always time to eat oysters! and so, we indulged with rice, soup, AND pancakes. a nice way to spend a lunch hour.

tong young does a good job with their flavors, and, perhaps most importantly, all of their dishes are chock full of oysters. i wish i had a better grasp of tong young's location near the office (or that it would appear on naver). in the meantime, i'll have to enjoy through these photos. may the search for tong young commence! and then let me know - i'll meet you there!

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