Sunday, June 19, 2016

오근내 닭갈비

oh keun neh chicken galbi (오근내 닭갈비)
서울 용산구 이촌로29길 15

what was consumed: spicy chicken (dahlk) galbi!

spicy chicken, cooked to order at your table, with loads of veggies. chicken galbi has been one of my favorites and go-to dishes for friends visiting seoul. but, for whatever reason, this time around, i either didn't find myself near dahlk galbi places or there were just so many other things that eeked their way on to my plate before dahlk galbi. most likely, it's a combination of both. but when one of the other grace chois made this request, i went on the trek to find a recommended one nearby.

oh-geun-neh is a sort of hole in the wall place with no frills. if i hadn't done a search, i probably would not have just stumbled upon it. but the quick search was worth the effort! offering classic dahlk galbi was just what we were looking for. once seated, you decide on regular or delux, and then the number of servings. the server brings the ingredients over and you cook up the lot in the cast iron skillet at your table. and don't forget to order the fried rice (with cheese!) to round out your meal. yum!

while chun-cheon is supposed to be the most famous for this dish, i didn't get a chance to make my way there to enjoy. thank goodness for places like oh-geun-neh!

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