Tuesday, June 28, 2016

mah-jang market (마장 시장)

mah-jang market (마장 시장)
서울 성동구 마장동

what was consumed: hanwoo beef!

in celebration of mjk's birthday, we head toward mah-jang market for the experience and delicious eats! mah-jang market is wholesale meat market. they also offer fancy cuts of meat for commoners like us. much like the fish market, you purchase your (usually) beef and then are directed to the associated restaurant. at the restaurant, they charge a minimal fee for the use of the equipment (grill, charcoal, etc) and the fixin's (lettuce leaves, sauces, etc). we'd been told that mah-jang market offers better quality meat for a lower price. not cheap, but better than what you would get at local retailers and definitely less than the department stores.

mjk had been to mah-jang market before so instead of dilly dally-ing and doing a market survey, we went back to the store she had purchased from before (better deals for return customers!). when the ajumma suggested a small plate, we looked at each other, chuckled, and asked for more. and then we asked for service (freebies as a result of a large-ish purchase (for 3 ladies, anyway). and then we head upstairs to grill our wares. YUM.

at the end of our meal, as we rolled out of there, we were happy to have had our first mah-jang market experience. happy birthday, mjk!

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