Monday, June 1, 2015

school food

school food
multiple locations (i went to the one near gwang-hwa-moon: 서울시 종로구 신문로 1가 7-1 tel: 02-722-5454)

what was consumed: 김밥! 국수!

"upscale," cafe-ified korean fast food.

school food take korean fast food (like kim-bahb and dduk-bohk-kki) and creates fusion and/or contemporary versions.

i feel i can never get enough boon-sik (korean snack foods). it's never quite the same when you try to make it at home (on top of requiring a lot of prep work) and it never tastes as good as it does in korea when you eat it elsewhere (and it's so much more expensive!). but here's the thing about school food. they took these snack-y foods and sort of fancy-fied them. delicious flavors and interesting combinations served cafe style (in terms of look and feel). it's obvious who they were targeting (the sophisticated young woman) especially as most of the decor has a feminine touch (and the ads predominately showcase cosmetics) and the food is reminiscent of snacks kids will go to eat after school. in particular, i like the kimbap that has bacon slices or the kimbap that has he marinated cooked squid. see what i mean? but totally delish.

the first time khj and i went to lunch, we went to school food. thank god for her and her taste for yummy things; i've gotten to try lots of deliciousness! khj, where are we gonna go next? i can't wait! hungry ... 

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