Saturday, May 30, 2015


what was consumed: 닭도리탕

a lunch favorite! on the days where i want to eat something spicy (and, in that special way, soothing), i will gather friends together to eat dahk-doe-rhee-tong (a spicy chicken stew) at toe-soke-jip.

the stew will be served to you, piping hot, likely still boiling. watch your hands! i like to take out all of the contents and put them on my plate so that they'll cool down and so that i can can eat the soup with my rice, separately, and toward the end of the meal. in addition to about a quarter chicken that has been stewed in the spicy soup made with a lot of goh-choo-jang (spicy red bean paste), the stew has chunks of potatoes and onions.

the stew is served with rice (of course) and a plate of bon-chon (side dished). don't forget to order more if there is something on that plate that you particularly enjoy (mine is usually the soy bean sprouts. can't get enough!) 

be sure to quickly select toe-soke-jip if you decide to go. the first seating fills up soon after 11:30 and it's a popular destination for the koreans. i've seen people make reservations, so be sure you do if you have a large group. that way, you can be ensured that you'll get to enjoy their delicious spicy chicken stew!

i can't even describe this place, just that it's near work. let me know if you wanna go and i'll take you! happily ^^

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