Thursday, May 7, 2015

dong cheon hong

dong cheon hong
5 dangju-dong, jongno-gu, seoul
tel: +82-2-72506887

what was consumed: 친구들은 짜장면, 난 짬뽕. 항상! 그리고 탕수욕.

yay korean-style chinese food!

i was looking forward to getting korean-style chinese food delivered straight to my residence once i returned to seoul; food delivery is awesome in korea. but my current living situation makes it a challenge and the options are limited. no matter - if the food doesn't come to me (sadly), i will go out for the food!

of all the korean-style chinese food restaurants near work, our local staff tell me this is their preferred. it will, then, be my preferred as well. done! 

when visiting a korean-style chinese restaurant for the first time, i measure how much i will like a location based on their jjam-bbong, the spicy seafood noodle dish. and dong cheon hong does it right! the soup is spicy, chock full of seafood, and the noodles have just the right amount of chewiness. i will usually de-shell the shellfish and cut up the small squid after allowing it to finish cooking in the soup before digging in. scissors are always placed on the table, per korean "custom" when noodles are served (i like to think it's a modern and practical custom, anyway - haha). i then try to create bites that have a bit of everything - noodles, seafood, maybe a veggie (usually cabbage or onion) in some soup. but let's face it. i will more frequently slurp the noodles, shovel some seafood/veggies, and gulp the spicy broth. mix up the order perhaps, and definitely repeat. 

every time i visit dong cheon hong, i say that i'm going to try something different. but there's just something about their jjam-bbong that i can't get enough of. let's go, right now!

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