Monday, May 11, 2015

mr. pizza

mr. pizza
various locations

what was consumed: potato pizza!

when i think of pizza in korea, i think of the salad bar at pizza hut and potato pizza from mr. pizza. oh, the nostalgia.

with dad in town, i wanted to show him parts of korea that were my own, which includes mr. pizza. so, on our way home from a day of extended family time, we put in a take-out order of mr. pizza and took our fare home to eat in the comfort of home. great idea!

my favorite at mr. pizza is the potato pizza, which features potato wedges as the main topping (this pizza also has onions, bacon, and cheese. i have to remember to order it without onions next time. or i will pick them out), on a regular crust (thin crust, here, usually ends up being cracker-like). and while it becomes slice after slice of carb-overload, i will continue to believe that potatoes are de-licious.

mr. pizza is also home of the bacon pizza. and there is nothing wrong with that. mr. pizza will always have a special place in my heart. more potato pizza please!

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