Thursday, May 28, 2015

만족 오향족발

만족 오향족발
102 Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul
tel: 02-753-4755

what was consumed: regular and spicy 족발 aka 반반족발, prepared with the special 5 spices.

back to sik-kek-chon!

after work, while dad was in town (and i was still relatively new to seoul, again), dad met me around work to grab a bite to eat before heading home. i had gone to sik-kek-chon before and found this a good opportunity to check out another eatery in the area.

mahn-jok oh-hyang jok-bahl serves a small selection of things, but specializes in particularly prepared ... pig's feet. now, come come. i know you might have images of piglets running through your head, but it's nothing like that. rather, the meat is deboned and compressed (... ??? something like that) and then prepared as the eatery desires. in teh case of oh-hyang, they take 5 special spices that are supposed to go in to this dish (i forget what they are). point is, oh-hyang jok-bahl does a good job of preparing the jok-bahl so that it's not too fatty and with the appropriate amount of the 5 spices so that you don't smell (or taste) any of the possible game-i-ness of he dish. rather, the meat is tender and exudes just a bit of the spices. delish. 

dad said he wasn't particularly a fan of joke-bahl, but that didn't prevent him from eating at least half (if not more) of our meal! hahaha. 

the meal is accompanied by the standard cabbage salad as well as some mandoo soup that is heated right at your table.

oh-hyang jok-bahl also has a separate lunch selection. i'll have to go back and try! so yummy ... 

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