Thursday, June 11, 2015

coffee intro

coffee intro
강남구 논현로 164길 26, 압구정동
tel: 070-4121-9898

what was consumed: pour-over coffee

i hear korea went through a sort of coffee revolution. i mean, koreans love their coffee, but were seemingly more interested in the caffeine fix than the complex but subtle flavors of the beverage. i.e., it was all about coffee that tasted like candy.

places like coffee intro are now a regular part of the korean food industry. some deliciously roasted coffees that are prepared excellently. i prefer coffees that are not over roasted, though dark, and prepared via pour over (or aero press, i guess), something with a clean flavor anyway. the downside is that these sorts of coffee shops cost an arm and a leg. sadly.

that said, i also look at the stiff price of my cup of coffee as including the cost of admission. cafe intro included, these cafes seem to pay a lot of attention to decor and ambiance. cafe intro is comfortable, cute, and a place i can't wait to go back! maybe with friends, maybe for some alone time. but for sure for a good cup of coffee.

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