Tuesday, June 9, 2015

sushi shi-ro

sushi shi-ro
208-26 seogyo-dong, mapo-gu
tel: 02) 336-8353

what was consumed: omakase menu!

friend connie was in town with her dude and they wanted to go and eat sushi. i'm in! she did a naver search and said that one of the top suggestions was shi-ro in the hong dae area. thanks for the recommendation! one of my new favorite japanese restaurants.

when at shi-ro, i opt for the omakase menu, aka chef's choice. i like to trust the more knowledgeable (and trained, i will choose to believe) sushi chefs to tell me what is in season and what is delicious. additionally, i'm happy to try variations that come from the creative minds of the chefs.

shi-ro's omakase menu goes through a variety of different dishes, including some sashimi, tempura, and udon. at the end, they ask you which was your favorite and they bring one more of that out to you. YES! and, to top it off, they have a palate cleansing dessert, a sort of cheese tofu that is lightly sweetened. YUM.

shi-ro does 2 seatings: once at 6pm, and once at 8pm. be sure to make reservations because they will usually not be able to accommodate walk-ins (though i've gotten lucky).

can't wait to go again!

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