Friday, June 5, 2015

burger mine

45-9 yongsandong 2-ga, yongsan-gu
tel: 070-8263-2034

what was consumed: burgers! and chili cheese fries ... 

sometimes, all i want is a good burger. i remember the days when burger king would be my go to burger place partially because i enjoyed their burgers and partly because it was my only option.

now a days, there are ample options when it comes to burgers (perhaps i should engage in a korea burger challenge? i'll think about it). and while i fear that western food will always come out a little sweet (it frequently does, i'm not sure why), i am still on the lookout for my favorite burger in town.

per kenny's recommendation, we head to burger mine in hbc. it was a nice day, so we sat in the seats in the outdoor section of the restaurant which also gave us an opportunity to do some major people watching.

burger mine has quite a few varieties for enjoyment. i'm always a sucker for anything that has chili (such as chili cheese fries), so i definitely got an order of that. you can be sure that kenny and i devoured some major orders of regular and chili'ed fries. and the burgers were good! the patties are nicely cooked (i.e., leaning toward medium and away from well-done). yum.

i love that burger mine does the bottomless sodas. i'm trying to decrease the amount off soda i drink. but when i do drink soda, i want to drink to my heart's content (it's not a lot, but ... it's the principal of it!). they also do an all-you-can drink beer option. they did when i was there anyway.

oh, burger mine. i can't wait to go back. soon please~

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