Sunday, June 7, 2015

8색 삼겹살

8 색 삼겹살
multiple locations, but i visited the one near 신총 (107-111 nogosan-dong, mapo-gu)
tel: 02) 719-4848

what was consumed: 8 flavors of pork belly!

pahl-sek is a chain (for better or for worse) is probably one of our favorite korean bbq places. they take pork belly and marinate it in 8 different flavors (pine, herb, ginseng, wine, garlic, curry, miso, hot pepper). you have the option of order single servings of all 8 or ordering individual flavors 2 servings at a time. friends and i will usually order the 8 color set and then go back and pick our favorites (mine are garlic and miso, closely followed by hot pepper).

your meal is also accompanied, on your table, by korean style spicy seafood soup (more soup than seafood). be sure to leave some of this, though, so you can order rice that they will sauté with the nicely reduced soup. you can even get it with cheese! or not.

each table is also equipped with a plate of veggies. no need to conserve, though. there's a self-serve bar with all you can eat veggies for ssam, kimchee with bean sprouts, various sauces, etc. i love it.

pahl-sek is also a good place to go with larger groups. they take reservations for groups that are 6 and larger and they are pretty good about respecting your reservation (as long as you respect that they're saving seats for you. i.e., don't be too late!). larger groups also give you the opportunity to try all of the different flavors and decide on which is your favorite without having to worry about having to consumer everything. love it.

yes, there are chain locations in the US (i.e., LA). but still! i will be back at pahl-sek and i will enjoy it, gosh darn it! and let me know if you go - i will join!

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