Wednesday, July 29, 2009


1736 L street NW, washington, DC 20036
tel: 202) 467-0777
hours: lunch monday-friday 11:30am-2:30pm; dinner monday-saturday 5:30pm-10pm
what was consumed: restaurant week - chicken salad, gnocci, radiccio and pear salad, quail, seafood pasta, mushroom risotto, creme brule, tiramisu, fruit tart
on my way to and from the metro near farragut park, i pass spezie. and when i look in, i always see happy people drinking wine, eating good food, and generally looking like they're having a good time. so, when we saw that spezie was on the list for restaurant week (AND their entire menu was open for selection), we were happy to dish out the moola for a nice little restaurant week eatin'~

our meal started off with small appetizer plates. i was SO happy to see gnocci on the appetizer list - you know how i can't resist. that way, i could get gnocci AND something else! what a great day - yeehaw! spezie has a nice combination of flavors and options for appetizers - some are heavier than others, but all are delicious.

our meals continued with entrees. so many options, but diminishing space in my stomach (sadly). i opted for the mushroom raviolis not only because mushroom ravioli is always delicious, but also because it was with crushed pistachios (and who doesn't love pistachios?). friends had the quail and the seafood spaghetti, both which were delicious. i'm glad we all shared (because sharing is caring!).

for dessert, we got one of each offered. being the non-dessert person of the group, i let the others choose first and i ended up with the fruit tart. i tasted all of the desserts and they were divine! rich, creamy, sweet, delicious. but those 3 bites were enough for me. worked out well for friends because they polished off my fruit tart without a problem.

so full!

i'm curious to see how spezie is during non-restaurant week times. probably delicious. i will have to visit again! i look forward to it~


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