Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the hat

the hat
multiple locations in
23641 rockfield boulevard, lake forest, CA 92630
tel: 949) 586-9200
hours: sunday-thrusday10am-11pm, friday-saturday 10am-1am
what was consumed: pastrami sandwich, fries, onion rings (and omg, their chili cheese fries are delicious)
a local favorite from my (sort of) youth ... the hat!
i remember my friend taking me to 'the hat' during my college (or near my college) years. he claimed they were the best pastrami sandwich in the area. now, i don't know much about pastrami sandwiches (beyond like vs. dislike and the answer is usually like), so i took his word for it - i'm glad i did!
now, unlike some other areas, is not really known for their pastrami sandwiches (i guess that fits in with the whole "hollywood" perspective on food, fad diets, etc.). there are a few places that liberally use pastrami in their meals (e.g. carl's jr.'s pastrami burger! though i don't think they have it any more. that's too bad), but there are a few local sandwich shops, restaurants, and the hat!
there are some other options (roast beef instead of pastrami, e.g.) at the hat, but this is definitely not a place for vegetarians (not really anyway) and not a place for people to get lots of greens or "well-being" foods. rather, if you want a mouthful of pastrami, a bag-full of fries, and/or a bag-full of onion rings, the hat is the place for you! of course, this isn't to say that the bread is the best (it's really pretty generic, honestly), but that is quickly forgotten by the massive amounts of pastrami you begin to shovel into your mouth upon receiving your food. the hat also has a whole counter filled with all sorts of condiments - some as basic as ketchup and mustard, all the way up to relishes, hot sauces, and peppercinis. so, make your pastrami sandwich just the way you like it.
portions are not small at the hat. one pastrami sandwich (or two, if you're really hungry), one order of fries, and one order of onion rings will more than fill two hungry bellies. the hat also has some amazing chili and cheese fries, but this is a total meal in and of itself (as well as an aid to future heart attacks. well, what can you do?).
a number of diferent locations have since sprung up in while the first one i visted was in the vicinity of pasadena (i think), i usually now go to the one near home home in lake forest. yay! and yay pastrami sandwiches at 'the hat'!!!! YUM.

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