Friday, July 10, 2009


1310 new hampshire avenue NW(between N street & 20th street), washington, DC 20036
tel: 202) 861-1310
hours: breakfast - monday-friday 7am-10am, saturday 8am-10am; lunch - monday-friday 11:30am-2:30pm; brunch - sunday 9am-2pm; dinner - sunday-thursday 5:30pm-10pm, friday-saturday 5:30pm-10:30pm; happy hour - monday-friday 5pm-6pm
what was consumed: chopped organic chicken liver (with pickled radish, soft herbs, honey-grain toast), collard greens & house made Italian sausage summer squash & smoked mozzarella sandwich (baked on ciabatta bread with pesto aioli, tomato and arugula) with greens, hot ham & cheese sandwich (smoked va ham, gruyere cheese, sauerkraut, and herb-mustard on ciabatta) with fries (yay internet where i can get all this detailed information!) ... lots and lots of options for lunch!
i've mentioned this before, and i'll mention this again: i love all of the eating delights that i get from working downtown. there are lots of cuisines to choose from at a variety of diffrent prices, all walking distance away. and even those places that aren't walking distance, a short trip on the metro or bus makes so many things in this city accessible. so, on this nice and sunny (and not humid - woohoo!) summer day, we ventured out to find a nice place to eat. sushi? couscous? ultimately, we passed by firefly on the way to dupont circle and decided it was time to try (that is, try for me, revisit for my lunch companions).
also serving as hotel madera's (a kimpton hotel) restaurant, firefly is located south-ish of dupont circle. i think all of the vegetation around the front (i.e., trees) and odd way the streets start getting in that area sort of prevents people to go in that direction unless they are specifically looking for the hotel or are on a walking adventure (i.e., lost). i remember stumbling upon it when i first came into DC, but didn't really think anything of it and moved along my merry way. but not today!
i had already eaten today and had originally intended on simply tagging along with my co-workers for their meals. but you know me and my insatiable hunger. besides, the lunch menu looked really yummy.
while firefly has other options, their sandwiches (served with either a green salad or fries) were right in the middle of the menu's page, as though they were calling, as though they are destined to be the center of attention. co-workers, anyway, were drawn to the delicious sandwiches. the bread was good (though, i'm not a connoiseur of breads, so what do i know), the sandwich fillings were delicious and flavorful, and the portions were pretty large.
i, however, did not succumb to the pressure and instead ordered the chicken liver pate (of sorts) and the collard greens side. the collard greens were tasty, but a bit tough for my liking. the collard greens are cooked with sausage and that's always a plus. ... and the chicken liver. oh, how i love pate, fois gras, and other things along that vein. firefly's was nice and creamy, not too heavy, not too light, simply delicious. i spread the liver on the nicely toasted slices of bread and was in a state of flavor bliss. YUM. just thinking about it, now as i write, is making me want s'more. yes, i think my stomach is officially growling (despite the massive amounts of food i feel i've already consumed today. how is that possible!?!??!)
anyway. also, to note, our server (olivia) was fabulous. attentive, funny, helpful, etc. - all of the things that you want to see in great servers. and believe you me, my co-workers have the strange ability to wear a server thin in just minutes. the entire wait staff, in fact, seemed to bring good service. ahhh, it's so wonderful when service is good.
and so, i imagine i will find myself back at firefly. maybe i'll try their dinner next time. hurrah!

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